Saturday, December 15, 2007

Initial bitch

This is my first attempt at a public bitching, so here it goes.

Thank whatever diety is in control of the universe that popped collars finally went back OUT of style. There is a fucking reason people stopped doing this in the 80's, it looks retarded.

For those of you who do not know what a "popped collar" is or have never stepped foot in Georgetown; it is when an individual of unparalled douche-baggery decides that his Polo shirt would look better with the collar sticking straight up instead of laying down normally. This was a fashion in the 80's for some reason, but soon vanished because people soon realized it looked ridiculous.

Granted, this style was initially reserved for the elitest momma's boys of G-town, but for some reason the common folk started to "pop" the collars. What the fuck guys! Do you really think women find this attractive?

Granted, I am biased, I have been working in a bar in the Georgetown vicinity for MANY years. Yet, I still feel this terrible need to call these fuckers out on how stupid they look whenever I see them. Some get "tudes" when I mock them, but most just carry on their way because their father's lawyer is nowhere near them on a Friday or Saturday night.

Here is a Soco-lime, on me, you fucktards!